Ask for credit: mission impossible in Spain today?

Those times of full economic crisis in which a client was going to request credit from a financial institution and obtained in many cases a resounding no have passed. It has been several years of wandering in the desert of credit with the banks jealously guarding the money and looking very much at whom they lent it. In recent months, financial institutions have relaxed and opened the tap. And it seems that more and more Spaniards are losing the fear of requesting a loan for renovations, changing the car or to cover the expenses of an unforeseen event that did not fit into their monthly budget.

Asking for credit: an upward trend

credit loans

This follows from the data of the Agree Bank regarding the granting of loans during 2016, collected by Credit Institutions. According to statistics cited by the media, loans to buy a home grew by 28.4% over the previous year. With regard to loans for consumer goods, they rose 24.8%. Loans that are included in for other purposes are also raised, although less, 8.3%. These data are reminiscent of the years prior to the outbreak of the crisis.

This trend in 2016 is maintained in 2017, as reflected in a report from the Agree Bank last July. The text ensures that “the results of the Bank Loan Survey show that during the second quarter of 2017 the criteria for approval of loans in Spain remained stable in all segments.”

The increase in the granting of loans in 2017 was not just a matter of the banks. The 20 Minutes newspaper states that “the loans granted by financial institutions, according to its employer Credit Institutions, also skyrocketed last year.” The news states that the credit in these companies stood at 27.355 million dollars, which is 14% compared to 2016. “There was a content demand that began to be released in 2014 and accelerated last year,” he says. Jose Fernandes, president of Credit Institutions in a statement collected for 20 minutes.

Requirements to request credit

These data show that since last months getting credit in Spain is easier. But it does not mean that the banks are willing to give them to any client, since from the crisis the credit history of the applicants is viewed with magnifying glass and whether or not they are in the list of delinquent of Credit Institutions. However, being on that list is not an impediment to getting a loan in Astro Lenders, since it is not the only criterion that is valued. In addition to obtaining a credit of up to 5,000 dollars in Astro Lenders you do not have to make complicated efforts, just fill out the form that appears on the web and in a few minutes you will know if you can have the money you need.

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